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Persona-Based User Experience Empowering Transformation and Productivity

Unlock the potential of a true transformation by harnessing the power of persona based user experience, driving tangible benefits and adoption. See how SpendConsole works for:​
Accounts Payable
  • Central Invoice Cockpit: Gain comprehensive control with a centralised invoice cockpit, encompassing invoices across all business entities and spend categories.
  • Proactive Exception Management: Powerful AI tools, enabling you to address only those exceptions that are relevant to you, instead of navigating a backlog, ensuring efficient operations.
  • Elevate Accounts Payable's Role: Elevate your role from transactional to value-added function, propelling your role's significance.
  • Freedom and control: Secure Onboarding, Purchase Order and Invoice collaboration across 8 secure channels, enabled on the SpendConsole B2B platform.
  • On time Payments: Experience real-time status of your invoices, timely remittances, strengthening your financial health.
  • Cultivate Relationships: Nurture and expand your relationships for mutual growth and success.
Business Stakeholders
  • Remove non-value tasks: Shift your focus to core business activities while enjoying a seamless platform.
  • Empowering Digital Journey: Harness a robust digital experience that empowers your interactions.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Effortlessly manage supplier orders and payments, ensuring operational fluidity.
  • Precision Reporting: Access accurate, timely financial reports to guide informed decisions.
  • Cash Flow Transparency: Understand the immediate impact on cash flow and Profit and Loss (P&L) statements.
  • Holistic Governance: Ensure transparent governance over enterprise-wide spend, fostering financial accountability.
At SpendConsole, our persona-driven approach redefines user experiences. Elevate collaboration, transparency, and efficiency across your organization's diverse roles, unveiling a path to unified success.​

Solution at a glance

Accounts Payable automation: SpendConsole

AI-Powered AP Automation

Embrace a revolutionary era of efficiency and accuracy in secure B2B payments. Simplify your Accounts Payable process with an all-in-one AI-Powered platform. Automate tasks, eliminate errors and control payments across all spend categories.

Compliance: SpendConsole

Payment Compliance

Automate compliance controls with a comprehensive 3 tier architecture across regulatory requirements for domestic and international suppliers, your company policies and AP business rules, all within your control.

Fraud prevention: SpendConsole

Payment Fraud Prevention

Designed to incorporate robust fraud prevention measures to achieve financial security and safeguard your business against potential threats. SpendConsole analyses payment patterns, flags suspicious activities, and provides real-time alerts.

Supplier management: SpendConsole

Secure Supplier Onboarding

Secure online supplier portal simplifies supplier onboarding, with configurable questionnaires enabling seamless supplier record maintenance, purchase order delivery, and ensures compliant and accurate invoicing from the onset.

75% cycle time reduction: SpendConsole

Digital Payments and Reconciliation

Elevate your financial management with SpendConsole's seamless integration of digital payments. Simplify the complexities of payment handling, settlements and reconciliation allowing you to focus on strategic financial growth.

Insights-driven analytics: SpendConsole

Insights-Driven AP Analytics

Gain essential financial insights for informed decision-making. Access real-time metrics on cash flow, payment performance, financial commitments, and liabilities – all through integrated analytics-driven insights.


"SpendConsole™ significantly improves our processing times and minimises our risk of incorrect payments."

Brendan Francis, CEO | PRaaS

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