Artificial Intelligence Powering Invoice OCR Software

Up to 98% accurate. No templates. No worries!

As an AI based software company at its core, SpendConsole has proven its AI platform across enterprise businesses in both Australian federal and state government, and private sector.

Our state-of-the-art platform digitises structured and unstructured documents effortlessly, enabling you to accurately digitise and allocate complex invoices, including all line items, prices, taxes, descriptions, item codes.

SpendConsole AI Invoice OCR software offers:
  • Automate monitoring of your AP mailbox
  • Accurately read, categorise and validate invoices - across structured and unstructured documents including support for PDF, JPEG, Bitmap type files
  • Configure your own matching rules and scenario-based workflows that puts accountability with the right stakeholder
  • Automatically categorise and secure store supporting documents
  • Train the AI model for your unique business scenarios and use cases
  • Key Features of SpendConsole AI Powered Invoice OCR Software

    Capture and digitise supplier invoices with up to 98% accuracy. AI Powered AP Automation Drives up to 75% more productivity.

    Effortless Invoice Submission

    Automate monitoring of your AP Inbox, capture and categorise invoices and supporting documents, with SpendConsole's AI-Powered Invoice OCR software and intelligent document capture.


    • Monitoring of AP mailbox with daily reconciliation
    • Read and categorise emails, separating emails with queries and ones with invoices and supporting documents
    • Invoice routing to correct stakeholder group(s) 

    Intelligent Invoice Capture

    SpendConsole's Intelligent Invoice Capture follows a human-like approach to reading invoices and carefully assesses each invoice attribute and matches against your criteria.

    You can automate:

    • Reading and digitising of invoices and line item descriptions, prices, taxes, and item codes - from multiple formats
    • Match against single-line or multi-line purchase orders
    • Regulatory compliance rules and workflow invoices back to Suppliers that do not comply

    Automatically Categorise Invoices and Supporting Documents

    SpendConsole helps you categorise and attach supporting documentation such as delivery notes, receipts, timesheets, and progress claims digitally and alongside each invoice record.

    Powerful search tools enable you to quickly pull up, fully auditable records of invoices and supporting documents.

    Train AI Model for your unique business use cases

    We know your business is unique! That's why we offer the flexibility to train our AI Model according to your own unique business requirements.

    These may include aspects such as:

    • Peculiar line item descriptions
    • A unique business or supplier behavior 
    • Hand-written notes 

    Smart Invoice Collaboration

    Collaborate with your Suppliers and business stakeholders with powerful workflows and inbuilt system notifications or over emails. SpendConsole’s AI Invoice OCR software offers unified messaging across multiple channels.
    You can easily:

    • Request changes from Suppliers
    • Automatically send invoices to relevant stakeholder group(s) for input
    • Control versions and be confident with powerful audit controls 

    Secure Document Storage

    All of your business Documents are encrypted and stored using secure cloud-based storage for all your supplier invoices and supporting documents, following best-in-class protocols from SpendConsole’s ISO 27001 security accreditation.

    Key Benefits of SpendConsole's AI Invoice OCR Software

    Achieve up to 75% productivity by automating the monitoring your AP mailbox with our proven AI Invoice OCR software, you can automatically read and digitise invoices and reconcile against your Purchase Orders and Contracts line items.
    Eliminate data input errors, incorrect and duplicate payments SpendConsole's reliable AI powered AP Automation software, eliminates data input errors and correct reconciles each invoices, enabling you to take control over incorrect and duplicate payments.
    Improve invoice processing and approval times by up to 85% Go from several days to just hours by automating the reconciliation process and automatically allocating the invoice to the correct stakeholder group(s).
    Offer flexibility to your Suppliers and increase adoption Flexibly deal with your suppliers by being able to train the existing AI OCR software to capture data according to your own specifications.
    Automate Compliance SpendConsole's smart AI Invoice OCR software automatically captures and validates key compliance attributes such as regulatory requirements, taxes, purchase orders and contracts.
    Elevate your AP function to focus on business partnering and more value-added tasks. Deal with just the exceptions and not the backlog. Embrace the power of SpendConsole AI invoice OCR software today.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is AI OCR?
    OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software scans digital documents and captures the data from them. For example, this may be data from a PDF version of a supplier invoice submitted by email in preparation for input into your ERP systems. Our OCR model is further supported by our AI models - hence AI OCR. This powerful combination provides powerful results. Our AI OCR model has already analysed millions of supplier invoices to generate patterns, which highlight the statistical likelihood of the data requirements matching those of your ERP system. Our AI OCR software can also learn from any different nuanced invoices you may receive over time.
    Where is our data from within the SpendConsole AI Invoice OCR software stored?
    All data is stored onshore in Australia
    Is our AI OCR data used to train your ongoing AI models?
    We only use supplier invoices to assess the likely positioning of data on documents and how that can be cross-referenced to Purchase orders and contracts. Any data used to train our models is kept internally and never made available externally or exposed publically.
    How do I get a demo of the AI OCR Software?
    Just click the “Get Started” button below, and we will arrange a demo either in your offices or remotely.
    Is your AI Invoice OCR Software available as a stand-alone platform?
    Our AI OCR software typically comes as a core component of the entire SpendConsole Platform. With the full platform, you have an end-to-end solution from supplier onboarding to full reconciliation against your Purchase Orders and Contracts. This gives you full visibility of your entire supplier relationships. Why not check out the entire platform with a demo
    Do you work with customers outside of Australia?
    Absolutely! We welcome international clients. We have recently secured a significant new client relationship in Central Asia, having recently opened up a regional office in Dubai. Why not sign up to join our mailing list to be kept informed of all our latest news.