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Accomplish more with hours of saved time

Facing a mountain of paper invoices and the endless cycle of manual data entry can feel like being trapped in an infinite time loop.  It’s draining, it’s repetitive, and frankly, there’s a whole world out there you’re missing because of it. You finally have a lifeline that can pull you out of the paperwork quicksand. Automate the grunt work, and make sure every number and detail is captured with pinpoint accuracy, minus the headache. Do your tasks smarter, faster, more efficient, with a level of precision where you’re in control, not the paper.

Zero in on zero mistakes

Juggling multiple systems that refuse to play nice turns what should be a streamlined operation into a frustrating puzzle. One system doesn’t talk to another, and before you know it, you’re stuck playing mediator when you should be focusing on the bigger picture. Keep your data flowing freely between platforms, with no hiccups and no headaches, with a comprehensive rest API-based integration framework. Make compatibility headaches a thing of the past and make way for a more efficient, user-friendly experience that keeps your business moving forward, no matter what other tools you use.

All systems go in one dashboard

Juggling multiple systems that refuse to play nice turns what should be a streamlined operation into a frustrating puzzle. One system doesn’t talk to another, and before you know it, you’re stuck playing mediator when you should be focusing on the bigger picture. Keep your data flowing freely between platforms, with no hiccups and no headaches, with a comprehensive rest API-based integration framework. Make compatibility headaches a thing of the past and make way for a more efficient, user-friendly experience that keeps your business moving forward, no matter what other tools you use.

What our clients say about us

Ian W.
Group Treasurer at Macmahon
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"The implementation was remarkably smooth, with the SpendConsole and Macmahon teams working collaboratively to deliver the program on-time, on-budget, and meeting our business objectives."
Brendan F.
CEO & Founder at PRAAS
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"SpendConsole™ significantly improves ourprocessing times and minimises our risk of incorrect payments."
Brett F.
CEO, Fulton Francis - Global Managed Print Services
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"As their first customer, I embraced the power of their ai automation software to enable us to consolidate all of our supplier invoices across our global business in one place. This helps prevent incorrect and duplicate payments and has improved our payables productivity by over 50%."
Stefani P.
Manager Shared Service Integration at TAFE NSW
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"SpendConsole minimise manual touchpoints and promotes accuracy."
Amina B.
Director Shared Services Integration at TAFE NSW
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"SpendConsole team are supportive, collaborative and deliver outcomes that meet our organisations needs."
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Improve invoice processing and approval times by up to 85%

Save precious time with our proven AI Powered Intelligent Invoice OCR software that can read and digitise invoices, automate the reconciliation process, and assign them to the correct stakeholder group(s).

Laptop screen showing an automated invoice matching software interface, displaying an itemized invoice with descriptions, quantities, and pricing details, including tax categories and amounts

Effortless invoice submission

Streamline your document management with AI-powered automation that monitors your AP inboxes, accurately capturing and categorising invoices and supporting documents for enhanced efficiency.

Close-up view of an automated invoice matching software screen displaying detailed line items entry, highlighting quantity and price, and optimized for efficient receipt management

Intelligent invoice capture

Boost your invoice processing with an intelligent system that reads and assesses attributes like a human, ensuring precise matching and streamlined operations. It supports a number of foreign languages and currencies. Automate global regulation and tax compliance checks and manage supplier invoices with ease.

Interface of automated invoice matching software showcasing the control panel for managing non-PO based invoices with filter options for document type, supplier inclusion, and exception types

Invoice and document categorisation

Simplify document management by categorising and attaching digital support documents to each invoice record. Quickly access fully auditable records with powerful search tools for efficient invoice tracking.

MacBook Air displaying a detailed supplier invoice validation checklist provided by automated invoice matching software, with indicators for errors and warnings on supplier information and GST claims

Flexible AI model

Tailor your AI model to fit your unique business needs, from specific line item descriptions to distinctive supplier behaviours and handwritten notes, ensuring a tailored and effective solution to your business needs.

Screen view of an assignment and approvals module on automated invoice matching software, showing options to add tags, set statuses, and assign tasks to users or user groups for efficient workflow management

Smart invoice collaboration

Enhance collaboration with suppliers and stakeholders through dynamic workflows, systems, and email notifications. Enjoy unified messaging across channels, enabling easy change requests, automatic invoice routing, and robust audit features.

Integration Manager screen on automated invoice matching software displaying active jobs, job statuses, and sync records, emphasizing streamlined data integration and synchronization capabilities

Secure document storage

Ensure the security of your business documents with encrypted, cloud-based storage for all supplier invoices and supporting documents, backed by SpendConsole’s ISO 27001 security accreditation for top-tier protocols.

Protect your privacy in the age of automation

Every day, there seems to be a new headline about some data breach, leaving businesses and their customers exposed. This fear of vulnerability can make the leap to digitising your invoice process feel like a leap of faith—one fraught with risk. Invoice OCR software is armed with end-to-end encryption, access controls, and compliance with global data protection regulations. So, while the move to digital does open new frontiers, it also opens the door to new levels of data security—letting you step through with peace of mind.

Upgrade without the training slowdown

The thought of integrating new software often brings up images of halted work and frustrated teams, doesn’t it? It’s like contemplating a puzzle where the pieces might not fit, and it has you worrying about days lost to training instead of doing. When every minute counts and the pressure’s on to keep things moving, invoice OCR software is as easy to pick up as your favorite app. It’s a system so intuitive, it’s like it was always meant to be there.

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FAQs around invoice OCR software

Will this software be too complex for my team?

Invoice OCR software is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The developers know that not everyone is tech-savvy, so they focus on making interfaces intuitive and processes straightforward. If your team can navigate common applications like email and word processors, they’ll find modern invoice scanning software manageable. Training resources, including video tutorials and step-by-step guides, are readily available to support your team through the transition. Remember, the goal is to simplify your invoicing process, not complicate it. Give it a bit of time, and your team will likely wonder how they ever managed without it.

The good news is that many invoice OCR software options are built to play nicely with a wide range of accounting systems and business software. Before making a decision, check with the software provider about the integrations they support. Many providers are keen to assist with integration processes, ensuring a smooth transition. If your systems are a bit out of the ordinary, reach out for a custom solution. The aim is seamless integration, where data flows without hiccups from one application to another, enhancing rather than disrupting your workflow.

Change always comes with its set of challenges, including costs and the effort involved in transitioning to a new system. However, consider the long-term benefits: reduced manual entry errors, time savings, and improved invoice processing efficiency. These automated improvements often translate to cost savings that outweigh the initial investment. To make the decision-making process easier, many software providers offer trials or demos. This way, you can see firsthand how the software fits into your operations. Think of it as an investment in your team’s productivity and your business’s bottom line.

It’s common to deal with a variety of invoice formats, from digital PDFs to scanned paper documents. Leading invoice OCR software is developed with flexibility in mind, using advanced technology to recognise and extract data from various formats. However, it’d be smart to test the software with your most commonly encountered formats during the trial period. If you find a format it struggles with, providers often work with you to improve recognition capabilities. This adaptability ensures that the software evolves with your business needs, making it a robust tool against the diversity of invoice formats.

When selecting the best invoice OCR software, clarity about pricing is key. Look for transparent pricing structures that outline what’s included in your subscription. Updates and tech support are often part of the package, ensuring your system stays up-to-date without extra charges. It’s a good idea to inquire about the scope of support and updates directly with providers, so you know exactly what to expect. Transparent providers will be upfront about costs, helping you avoid any surprises.

Data security is a top priority, especially when dealing with financial documents. Invoice OCR software developers understand the importance of safeguarding your information against breaches. Look for software that complies with industry-standard security protocols and data encryption methods. Additionally, inquire about their data storage and privacy policies. Reputable providers will be transparent about their security measures and happy to discuss how they protect your data, giving you peace of mind that your information is in safe hands.

Like any new tool, there’s a learning period for invoice OCR software. However, the curve varies depending on the software’s design and the user’s familiarity with digital tools. The best software comes with comprehensive support materials, including tutorials and customer service, to help ease the transition. Plus, many providers offer onboarding sessions to walk your team through the essentials. With the right resources and a bit of patience, most teams find the learning curve manageable and quickly appreciate the software’s benefits.

It’s natural to worry about the initial setup time overshadowing the time-saving benefits. The setup process has been streamlined by many invoice OCR software providers to be as efficient as possible. Once up and running, the time saved on manual data entry and invoice processing can be significant. To minimise disruption, plan the implementation at a less busy time and take advantage of any setup support offered by the provider. The upfront investment in time can lead to substantial long-term efficiencies.

OCR technology has advanced significantly, with modern invoice OCR software boasting high levels of accuracy. These systems can accurately capture data from a wide range of invoice formats and types. While no system is perfect, continuous improvements in machine learning algorithms have made them incredibly reliable. It’s also common for software to allow for manual checks or corrections, ensuring that any discrepancies can be swiftly addressed. The accuracy and time savings achieved through these systems can be a game-changer for businesses drowning in paperwork.

Most invoice processing software providers offer various subscription models, including monthly or annual plans, to fit different needs and preferences. Some even provide the option to cancel anytime, ensuring you’re not locked into a long-term commitment if your circumstances change. Before signing up, it’s important to understand the terms of your subscription and any commitments involved. This understanding allows you to choose an option that best matches your business’s flexibility needs.