AI Powered Invoice Matching Software

Accurately match and validate invoices against purchase orders, contracts and receipts

AI has been the cornerstone of our platform to constantly improve the automation of your supplier invoice matching validation. This makes it quicker, easier, and more accurate to match your supplier invoices against your approved purchase orders, contracts and goods receipts before invoices can be authorised for payment.

SpendConsole invoice matching software offers powerful tools to:
  • Automate invoice matching and validation, against purchase orders, contracts and receipts
  • Configure 2-way or 3-way invoice matching based on your business rules
  • Configure and automate routing of invoices to the correct stakeholder group(s) for action
  • Control non-purchase invoices with special approval rules
  • Connect multiple ordering and/or ERP systems with SpendConsole being your central invoice platform
  • Key Features of SpendConsole AI Powered Invoice Matching and Validation Software

    Automated invoice matching software and validation improves your invoice approval cycle times by up to 85%

    2-Way or 3-Way Invoice Matching and Validation

    Configure your own business rules to match supplier invoices directly to purchase orders, contracts, and receipts and/or service sheets, down to the correct line item.
    With SpendConsole’s invoice matching software you can automate:

    • Matching to the correct purchase order line items
    • Selection and matching to the correct receipt
    • Workflow invoices to the correct stakeholder group(s) to take action in case of an exception

    Automate Receipt Entry

    For relevant commodities such as low-value and risk, or where you have a unique use case, you can automate the creation and entry of receipts upon an approved invoice.

    SpendConsole process automation enables you to automate document flow in a controlled and auditable way.


    Control Non-Purchase Order Spend

    Control your non-purchase order invoices, emergency payments, and ad-hoc purchases by enabling your own business rules and as per your business delegation of authority rules.
    With SpendConsole’s invoice matching software you can:

    • Create a special approval workflow for each type of non-purchase order invoice
    • Configure special approval conditions and attributes
    • Automatically allocate to the correct GL, Cost centre 

    Configure your own supplier invoice processing business rules

    Easy to configure, role-based configuration capability, puts your business in control.
    SpendConsole’s invoice matching software enables you to:

    • Configure matching rules, exceptions and warnings
    • Create invoice resolution group(s)
    • Tailor email messages and notifications
    • Create special automation rules

    For example. you can automatically reject, quarantine, approve, or park invoices based on a fully customisable and comprehensive set of criteria.

    Automate assignment and approvals from the right stakeholder(s)

    SpendConsole's intelligent workflow capability automatically validates supplier invoices against comprehensive criteria and then workflows to the correct stakeholder for approval or action as required.


    Connect multiple ordering systems

    Your AP teams can now manage supplier invoice and payment processes across multiple different internal systems. This is particularly useful if your business has geographically spread offices, especially overseas. 

    Key Benefits of SpendConsole AI Powered Invoice Matching and Validation Software

    Far greater visibility across your entire AP teams to effortlessly manage the complexity of international e-procurement.
    SpendConsole’s AP automation saves hours of manual effort when matching invoices to manually matching line items, with smart AI that makes line item matching a breeze!
    Reduce data input errors for your AP by automating matching supplier invoices against POs and contracts and even against line items.
    Reduce the potential for fraudulent transactions by having automated control of your non-purchase order invoices

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Invoice Matching Software?
    nvoice matching software is software that automates the process of matching your supplier invoices against your approved purchase orders and contracts before invoices can be authorised for payment.
    What is 3-way invoice matching?
    3-way invoice matching is where you match supplier invoices directly to purchase orders and goods receipts (or service sheets). This confirms there is a valid and undisputable contract in place and the contract has been performed appropriately and can be approved for payment.
    Where is our data from within the SpendConsole Invoice matching stored?
    All data is stored onshore in Australia.
    How do I get a demo of the Invoice Matching Software?
    Just click the “Get Started” button below, and we will arrange a demo either in your offices or remotely.
    Do you work with customers outside of Australia?
    Absolutely! We welcome international clients. We have recently secured a significant new client relationship in Central Asia, having recently opened up a regional office in Dubai. Why not sign up to join our mailing list to be kept informed of all our latest news.
    Is your Invoice Matching Software available as a stand-alone platform?
    Our Invoice matching software typically comes as a core component of the entire SpendConsole Platform. With the full platform, you have an end-to-end solution from supplier onboarding to full reconciliation against your Purchase Orders and Contracts. This gives you full visibility of your entire supplier relationships. Why not check out the entire platform with a demo