Supplier Management Software

Collaborate effortlessly with your suppliers with SpendConsole’s multi-channel, PEPPOL enabled, and secure supplier portal

Effective Supplier management can be complex and trying to change supplier behaviour is difficult. With a diverse range of suppliers, from strategic to ad-hoc, domestic and international, all with different back-end systems and technical maturity, and so it goes on... Often require manual onboarding, complex integrations and ineffective operational management, demanding valueble resources, increasing errors and exposure to cyber fraud.

SpendConsole’s supplier management software offers a robust approach:
  • A secure, multi-channel, PEPPOL enabled Supplier portal, offering frictionless Supplier adoption
  • All digital, compliant Supplier onboarding
  • Purchase order and Invoice collaboration
  • Automatic Supplier master database sync
  • Data-driven Supplier performance management
  • Key Features of Supplier Management Software

    Automating your supplier onboarding and operational management can increase productivity by up to 75% and improve supplier relationships.

    Secure Multi-channel Supplier Portal

    Provide freedom to your suppliers and a consistent experience across 8 secure channels - Email, Online direct entry, PO Flip, EDI, Scan and upload, Excel/CSV, Third-party Networks, and the fast-growing OpenPEPPOL network.

    Designed to enable frictionless collaboration with all of your enterprise suppliers whilst future-proofing your business.

    Secure Supplier Onboarding

    All digital supplier onboarding efficiently enables your business to collect and verify necessary supplier information, including supplier profiles, contacts, insurance, and certificates.

    Validate key supplier compliance data such as supplier incorporation ABN, ACN, and GST/Tax registrations and Bank Account changes.

    The monitoring of supplier compliance is ongoing. This is an important first line of defense against potential fraud.

    Automate Supplier Master Data Management

    Enable real-time, bi-directional synchronisation of supplier master data across your systems.

    SpendConsole's comprehensive Rest API based integration framework enables efficient and secure integration across your multiple backend ordering and ERP systems.


    Purchase Order and Contract Management

    SpendConsole’s supplier management software enables electronic delivery of your purchase orders, work orders and contracts to suppliers, via email, direct integration with their systems, over the OpenPEPPOL Network or via the SpendConsole portal.

    Enable your Suppliers to digitally receive and manage consumption of purchase orders, work orders, and contract records.

    Receive compliant and validated invoices, down to the correct line item from the onset.

    Supplier Communication and Collaboration

    A suite of easy supplier communication and collaboration tools gives you a central, and fully audible source of information to send and confirm purchase orders, monitor invoice disputes, and deal with support issues.

    Supplier Performance Management

    Track supplier performance against your contractual terms, including rates, SLAs, discounts, and rebates.

    Engage in robust, data-driven supplier performance reviews and drive actions.

    Benefits of Supplier Management Software

    Improve your supplier relationships by automating onboarding and reconciliations to giving your business enhanced transparency, all leading to reduced invoice approval times. This means you can now start taking advantage of those supplier discounts.
    Gain visibility across your business to ensure supplier compliance and business rules are being followed in accordance with internal policies - all supported by a centralised secure, storage of supplier certifications and documentation.

    Make data-driven decisions with enhanced visibility across all of your suppliers, their purchase orders, and contracts, all in one supplier management software.

    Improve both your internal and external reporting, giving you fingertip access to the necessary financial information quickly and easily.

    Automatically cleanse and enrich your supplier data to maintain accuracy, reduce errors and improve supplier communication.

    Electronic collaboration The electronic delivery of purchase orders when directly linked to supplier invoices reduces errors, e.g. price and amount variances and reduces the need for AP teams to undertake additional manual checks and further chase-ups with internal stakeholders

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a supplier portal?
    A supplier portal is an online, secure platform that connects businesses to electronically exchange information and documents in order to facilitate efficient procurement, supply chain and payment processes. SpendConsole takes a unique approach to its Supplier portal, enabling integration and communication with established third party portals such Coupa supplier portal, SAP Business Network, OpenPEPPOL Network and the more conventional channels such as Email, Excel/CSV and EDI. The benefit of our approach is to enable frictionless collaboration and adoption by Suppliers, which is a fundamental enabler for an effective digital transformation.
    Do Suppliers pay a fees to use SpendConsole Supplier Portal?
    No, SpendConsole does not charge any transaction fees to Suppliers.
    Where is our data from within the SpendConsole platform stored?
    All data is stored onshore in Australia.
    How do I get a demo of the Supplier Digital Platform?
    Just click the “Get Started” button below, and we will arrange a demo either in your offices or remotely.
    Do you work with customers outside of Australia?
    Absolutely! We welcome international clients. We have recently secured a significant new client relationship in Central Asia, having recently opened up a regional office in Dubai. Why not sign up to join our mailing list to be kept informed of all our latest news.
    Is your supplier Management Software available as a stand-alone platform?
    It typically comes as a core component of the entire SpendConsole Platform. With the full platform, you have an end-to-end solution from supplier onboarding to full reconciliation against your Purchase Orders and Contracts. This gives you full visibility of your entire supplier relationships. Why not check out the platform with a demo
    How long does it take to set up Spend Console on our systems?
    We understand that your business is unique, which is why we offer tailored integrations for some of the most widely used ERP solutions. As an approximate indication, a recent client had over 400 business users, 3,000 suppliers and 25 domestic and international locations. This integration took less than 18 weeks.