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Don't let multiple suppliers multiply your problems

Juggling multiple suppliers can be tough. Keeping track of purchase orders, contracts, invoices, and various interactions while making sure your business operations run smoothly often feels like too much for one person or even a team. The constant back-and-forth and the need to stay on top of every detail can quickly become so overwhelming that something eventually slips through the cracks

 But there’s a way to make it easier. By keeping all of your Supplier interactions organised and in one place, you can simplify how you manage your suppliers, keep them happy, and foster relationships that are critical for your business.

Have complete visibility on supplier performance

The consequences of not having enough transparency can be serious, from delayed delivery of products or services, product substitution, or warranty claims, which can lead to expensive oversights to strained relationships. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Gain real-time insights into supplier performance and optimise your business operations effortlessly with easy-to-use analytics. With data right at your fingertips, making informed decisions keeps you competitive so that you can drive your business forward.

Increase productivity by up to 75% 

Automating your supplier onboarding and operational management can boost productivity by up to 75% and improve supplier relationships end-to-end. Explore the powerful features of SpendConsole’s supplier management software.

Streamline multi-channel supplier interactions

Give your suppliers the flexibility they need by offering a consistent experience across 8 secure channels, including Email, Online direct entry, PO Flip, EDI, Scan and upload, Excel/CSV, Third-party Networks, and the fast-growing OpenPEPPOL network.

This approach is designed to make collaboration with all your enterprise suppliers smooth and hassle-free, helping your business stay adaptable and resilient.

Onboard and verify suppliers in 1 unified dashboard

Streamline your supplier onboarding digitally and efficiently. Collect and verify all necessary information, from profiles and contacts to insurance documents and certificates, without the usual stress.

Validate key supplier data such as ABN, ACN, GST/Tax registrations, and Bank without missing a beat.  And with the capability to monitor ongoing supplier compliance, you can stay protected against potential fraud.

Integrate data with your current ERP system

Keep all your supplier data up to date and in sync across your systems, effortlessly. With a comprehensive rest API-based integration framework, you can seamlessly and securely integrate all your backend ordering and ERP systems.

No manual data entry, no months spent trying to learn and migrate familiar processes into unfamiliar software. This is not changing what already works, it’s improving it to work better.

Digitise supplier transactions for faster processing

Say goodbye to paper-based processes and hello to quick and efficient electronic delivery of supplier contracts, purchase orders, and work orders. Whether it’s through email, direct integration with supplier systems, the OpenPEPPOL Network, or the SpendConsole portal, everything important is made accessible for you and your partners. 

And when it comes to invoices, you’ll receive compliant and validated invoices, down to the correct line item, right from the start.

Connect and collaborate with supplier

Keep things simple with your suppliers. Manage purchase orders, sort out any invoice issues, and tackle support queries without missing a beat. And with everything centralised, you’ll have a clear overview of all your supplier interactions. No more digging through long email threads or a pile of paperwork.

Impress partners and suppliers with a new-found capability to be more proactive. If anything needs your attention, you’ll know right away, and you can get it sorted fast.

Stay on top of supplier performance

Keep tabs on your suppliers by tracking their performance against the terms of their contracts, including rates, service level agreements (SLAs), discounts, and rebates. Take full advantage of data-driven reviews of how your suppliers are doing, allowing you to drive improvements and maintain productive partnerships. 

Be empowered to strategise and scale together, continuously delivering mutual value while being transparent and accountable.

What our clients say about us

Ian W.
Group Treasurer at Macmahon
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"The implementation was remarkably smooth, with the SpendConsole and Macmahon teams working collaboratively to deliver the program on-time, on-budget, and meeting our business objectives."
Brendan F.
CEO & Founder at PRAAS
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"SpendConsole™ significantly improves ourprocessing times and minimises our risk of incorrect payments."
Brett F.
CEO, Fulton Francis - Global Managed Print Services
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"As their first customer, I embraced the power of their ai automation software to enable us to consolidate all of our supplier invoices across our global business in one place. This helps prevent incorrect and duplicate payments and has improved our payables productivity by over 50%."
Stefani P.
Manager Shared Service Integration at TAFE NSW
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"SpendConsole minimise manual touchpoints and promotes accuracy."
Amina B.
Director Shared Services Integration at TAFE NSW
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"SpendConsole team are supportive, collaborative and deliver outcomes that meet our organisations needs."
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Why use a supplier relationship management software? 

  • Speed up invoice approvals by automating onboarding and reconciliations.
  • Guarantee supplier compliance and policy adherence with complete visibility.
  • Make informed decisions with insights on suppliers, orders, and contracts.
  • Access key financial data quickly and securely with streamlined reporting.
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency by automating supplier data management.
  • Minimise manual checks and errors with simplified electronic collaboration.

Replace confusion with clear communication

Good communication is key to a smooth-running business relationship. By keeping the lines open with your suppliers, you can avoid misunderstandings that lead to delays and slow down collaboration. With all your important documents and messages in one place, it will be easy to always be on the same page and to keep things moving in the right direction. This way, you can get in touch with your suppliers quickly and easily, whether it’s to confirm purchase orders or provide support.

Making supplier relationships more manageable

Take control of your supplier management with ease. No more stressing over tiny details or missing out on opportunities. With the right approach, you’ll have all you need to keep your supplier relationships strong and transparent. 

Automate the manual tasks that used to eat up your time, while still keeping a firm grip on the key aspects of your business. Want to see it in action? Book an exclusive software demo to see how we can help streamline your SRM operations.

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FAQs around Supplier Relationship Management Software

What is a supplier relationship management software?

An SRM or supplier portal is an online platform that allows businesses to exchange information and documents with their suppliers electronically. This streamlines procurement, supply chain, and payment processes. SpendConsole’s supplier portal integrates with third-party portals like Coupa, SAP Business Network, and OpenPEPPOL Network, as well as traditional channels like email and EDI. This approach promotes seamless collaboration and adoption by suppliers, crucial for successful digital transformation.

No, suppliers can use SpendConsole’s Supplier Portal without any transaction fees. This makes sure that your suppliers can collaborate with you without any additional costs, making the process more efficient and cost-effective for both parties.

All data within the SpendConsole platform is securely stored onshore in Australia. This makes sure that your information is protected under Australian data privacy laws, giving you peace of mind regarding the security and confidentiality of your supplier data.

To see SpendConsole’s Supplier Digital Platform in action, simply click the “Get Started” button on our website. We can arrange a demo at your convenience, either in your office or remotely, to showcase how our platform can streamline your supplier management processes.

Yes, we work with international clients and have recently expanded our presence with a new regional office in Dubai. Our platform is designed to support businesses globally, and we’re excited to share our latest developments with clients worldwide. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about our international ventures.

Our supplier management software is a core component of the SpendConsole Platform, providing an end-to-end solution from supplier onboarding to full reconciliation against your purchase orders and contracts. This integrated approach offers complete visibility of your entire supplier relationships, enhancing your supply chain management.

The setup time for SpendConsole can vary depending on your business’s unique needs and the complexity of your systems. For example, a recent client with over 400 business users, 3,000 suppliers, and multiple locations completed their integration in less than 18 weeks. We offer tailored integrations for a smooth and efficient setup process.

SpendConsole helps you maintain strong supplier relationships by providing a platform for transparent communication, efficient collaboration, and streamlined processes. By automating manual tasks and offering real-time visibility into supplier performance, you can proactively address issues and foster a mutually beneficial partnership.

Yes, SpendConsole is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing procurement systems allowing for a smooth transition and continuity in your operations. This compatibility allows you to leverage the benefits of SpendConsole without disrupting your current workflows.

SpendConsole stands out for its comprehensive approach to supplier management, offering a range of features from onboarding to performance tracking and risk management. Our platform is user-friendly and adaptable, designed to meet the specific needs of your business and enhance your overall supply chain efficiency.

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