Single AI platform

Centrally manage all your enterprise suppliers and business spend.

Imagine a world where buyers and suppliers can quickly and safely connect across multiple channels in a single platform. It's possible today with SpendConsole.

An end-to-end digital solution seamlessly integrated with your ERP and finance systems makes managing all your enterprise suppliers and business spend even easier across multiple ordering systems. Central management of everything - across directs, indirects, assets, utilities and everything in between, across the entire business-to-business payment process.

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Persona based user experience

  • An intuitive persona-based user experience for Accounts Payable, Suppliers, Finance and Business stakeholders.
  • Maximise adoption and remove manual low-value tasks
  • Design to empower users and enable self-serve, reducing the burden on central teams.
  • Leverage smart technology and AI powered tools to operationalise enterprise policy.
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AI Powered OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Streamline manual data entry and document processing with SpendConsole's OCR technology.
  • Swiftly convert paper-based invoices, receipts, and financial documents into digital format.
  • Reduce administrative burden and increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Improve data accessibility and retrieval for enhanced financial management.
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Unparalleled AI Powered Validation

  • Automate manual and error-prone tasks and save valuable business resources with practical AI.
  • Manage Accounts Payable mailboxes, with the ability to read and categorise invoices, and tailor workflows for stakeholder actions.
  • Match invoices with purchase orders and receipted goods, streamlining the invoice-to-pay process.
  • Facilitate real-time decisions to enhance governance, compliance, and efficiency.
SpendConsole Processes

Process Automation

  • Automate tedious tasks with ease with in built comprehensive automation tools.
  • Assign invoices to the right stakeholders for action automatically.
  • Tailor the workflows base on your unique business requirements.
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Integrated with existing systems

  • Automate your Accounts Payable process for any platform.
  • Seamlessly integrate with various supplier fulfilment systems for improved flexibility.
  • Enhance ease of doing business with streamlined data exchange and communication.
  • Simplify financial operations by consolidating processes within a single AI-powered platform.
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A comprehensive multi-channel platform

  • Empowering suppliers to select a secure channel of their preference
  • Enabling unmatched security and standardisation across each channel
  • 8 robust channel - email, scan-and-upload, online entry, purchase order flip, EDI, OpenPEPPOL, Third party networks
Simplify enterprise-wide supplier management and streamline business spending across multiple channels with an AI-powered platform integrated with your ERP with SpendConsole.

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The smart Accounts Payable Automation platform.

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