Spend Console - Tax Compliance Software

Helping you achieve unparalleled automated tax compliance in your Accounts Payables

Tax Compliance is a complex but increasingly important issue for all Accounts Payable teams. Not being able to accurately track and report your accounts payable and cross-border transactions can result in non-compliance with domestic and international tax authorities and result in the distortion of external financial reporting. These oversights could expose your business to regulatory penalties and potential legal liability. The absence of appropriate internal cross-border controls could also mean your business is increasingly susceptible to international fraud. These risks should not be taken lightly, especially given the easy access of bad actors to the same AI tools that you may be using internally to improve your internal communications.

Tax Compliance Software Features


Automated Supplier Compliance when Onboarding

When a new supplier is onboarded automatic compliance checks are carried out with the local registration authorities. For example, in Australia, the SpendConsole platform checks the ABN, ACN numbers and GST registration data, reporting exceptions to internal stakeholders.

Supported by the Australian and New Zealand Taxation Offices

SpendConsole works closely with the ANZ tax offices to ensure you have automatic and accurate confirmation of supplier compliance in real time. 

Accurately Calculate Tax, especially cross-border

SpendConsole automatically calculates the correct taxation based on your pre-defined business rules and international tax codes

Automatically Configure Tax codes by commodity and supplier origin

You can define tax codes and percentages by corporate entity, supplier, and commodity with a comprehensive tax code configuration

Real time notification to ensure ongoing supplier compliance

Should your supplier’s status change, key internal stakeholders will automatically be notified in real-time   

SpendConsole is an accredited PEPPOL platform

PEPPOL is an international eProcurement framework, which governs standards for procurement documents - such as purchase orders, invoices, credit notes and is the future of international compliance.

Benefits of SpendConsole's Tax Compliance Software

By automating your tax compliance requirements upfront from your international suppliers you reduce the risk of compliance errors upfront that could lead to fines or audits.
Tighter controls over compliance with exception reporting reduce the chances of international fraud being successful.
Automated tax calculations offer dramatic time savings for your Treasury teams.
By automating compliance, especially within cross-border transactions helps mitigate unnecessary fraudulent activity.
he future of your International e-procurement is protected by our PEPPOL-enabled platform, which is increasingly being used by global governments and will help ensure further automated compliance.
Automated notifications give early warning signs of potential challenges with your suppliers, helping you to protect your business and it's reputation.

Frequently asked questions

What is Tax Compliance Software?
Tax Compliance software helps provide your Treasury departments and other stakeholders with the information they need to ensure the business is tax compliant. International Taxation can be an extremely complex subject. So often, the process for tax compliance is a manual process directly from within Treasury Departments. SpendConsole has automated tax compliance software built into its AI-powered AP Transformation Platform. When suppliers are first onboarded they are asked to provide the key tax and compliance information required by your Treasury Department.
Does SpendConsole work with international tax compliance for our international suppliers?
We will link to whichever markets our clients require where there is open access from international tax authorities.
How do I get a demo of the Tax Compliance Software?
Just click the “Get Started” button below and we will arrange a demo either in your offices or remotely.
What is the setup time for SpendConsole's tax compliance software?
The setup time for SpendConsole’s tax compliance software as part of our AI-powered Accounts Payable platform depends on the complexity of your business. As an approximate indication, for a recent implementation of the SpendConsole platform, which includes out tax compliance software our client had over 400 business users, 3,000 suppliers and 25 domestic and international locations. This integration took less than 18 weeks. To get an accurate indication of the likely timescale please reach out to our team reach out to our team